Instagramers South Africa Launch COMING SOON

Instagramers South Africa Launch COMING SOON

Instagramers South Africa Launch COMING SOON

With 2013 comes the exciting and official launch of @igersSouthAfrica, backed by the official international @igers community! They have a lot lined up for this year including competitions, regional walks, features, events and much, much more, be sure to pop into the account and hit the follow button to avoid missing out! In the pipeline is also a website that is currently being built (check out their profile link), which will be up and running shortly! :) Be sure to also check out and follow your relevant city account! @igersJozi@igersPretoria@igersCapeTown@igersDurban and @igersGrahamstown (coming soon!).

Exciting times ahead for the South African IGers community, be part of it!

iPlay: The Future of Gaming is in Smartphones

The days of PC gaming are numbered. With many people shifting to their smartphones to rely on their everyday needs, the number of hours spent in front of the computer is dwindling. Due to their small size and powerful capabilities, even application manufacturers are shifting their focus to smartphones because of the growing number of users. Aside from the shooting market, many of these smartphone applications are exclusive and do not have PC counterparts. From poker fans to hardcore gamers, people will surely find the right games for them and their smartphones.


The merger of Bwin Interactive Entertainment AG and PartyGaming plc gave way to a more accessible way for smartphone users to play partypoker. Though an application is yet to be released before the year ends, users can access partypoker from their iPads at a stunning resolution of 1,024 x 768 pixels. Apart from playing poker on your iPad, you can also use your iOS devices as wireless controllers for online poker games. Poker Controls, makers of the Poker Controls application, gives their users more freedom to play by turning their iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch into the ultimate poker controller. It is complete with BET, CHECK and FOLD buttons, a Bet slider, x2 x3 x5 Pot/All in Bet buttons, and Table Switching buttons. The application will send the moves via Wi-Fi to the PC so players can now play with speed, accuracy, and comfort.

Poker Gaming

Aside from poker on smartphones, a lot of new games found their way to handheld devices. CSR Racing, a drag racing game for the iPad, lures hardcore and casual gamers alike. Aside from a wide option of cars to choose from, you can upgrade your car’s performance and visuals by spending in-game cash or buying gold using real money. With its stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, CSR Racing delivers the drag racing experience to you. Another great app for your iPhone and iPad is a game called Punch Quest. Before quickly judging that the game has just jumped on the bandwagon of games like Jetpack Joyride or Temple Run, Punch Quest delivers a new and exciting twist to the common formula found in other handheld games. If you like punching things, this will be the game for you. Instead of dodging your enemies through sliding and jumping, you punch your way through endless hordes of monsters and collect coins and other collectibles from breakable objects. You will also gain more moves as you go along and use crazy rides such as a dinosaur with a shooting laser coming from its mouth, to get around on. It’s an addictive experience; you should keep your charger with you all the time when playing Punch Quest.

InstaWalk IGersJozi | 11 November 2012

I went on an InstaWalk with the IGersJozi crew again yesterday. We went for a walk around the Johannesburg CBD and even managed to get access to Corner House, which is said to be the first building in South Africa to have an elevator in it. Here are the first of my edited shots. I stopped on the way home and took some long exposure shots of traffic.

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