How To Untag Yourself From Facebook Photos

You get a notification on Facebook that you’ve been tagged in a photo. Curious, you click on the link. The photo that comes up is of an event you’d rather forget and you’d prefer not to be associated with it. Time for some damage control. You need to untag yourself from this photo, and make sure something like this never happens again. Because, once something is on the internet, it stays there. Forever. Make sure you know how to untag yourself from Facebook photos.

Untagging yourself

  • Once you’re logged into Facebook on your computer, go to your profile page.
  • Directly under your profile picture, click on “View photos of me” link.
  • Look for that photo and click on it.
  • Just beneath the photo, Facebook tells you who is “In this photo”. Find your name, and in brackets will be two links, “Photos” and the one you’re looking for, “remove tag”. Click “remove tag”.

Done. You’re no longer tagged in or associated with that photo.

Facebook used to give you the option to prevent people tagging you in photos and videos, but looking through Facebook’s privacy settings, it seems that the option is no longer available. According to Facebook,

“You control who can see the photos and videos you’re tagged in that appear on your Profile. Keep in mind that the owner of a photo can still share that photo with people you’re not friends with. If you don’t want your tag to appear, remove it from the photo or video itself. This will also prevent it from appearing on your Profile.”

Keep an eye out for your notifications, and if you’re tagged in a photo or a video, check it out right away, because you don’t know what’s being posted, and hopefully you’ll be able to untag yourself before too many people see it. Because the wrong photo could send out the wrong message about you.

  • Caritogomez89

    How do you untag multiple photos? What if I want to untag myself from 50 + photos? do I have to untag each of them? 

    • alessiolr

      Yeah, you’re going to have to untag yourself from each photo.

  • joker

    sir don’t we any option to untag multiple tags at once??

    • Alessio La Ruffa

      Unfortunately not, you have to untag each photo individually.